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Structural Glazing


Product Detail

Architects dream of creating perfectly transparent facades and eliminating supporting structures made of aluminium or steel. GIP Glazing offers them the opportunity to do this with frameless glass facades featuring an "all glass" design.

This type of construction dispenses entirely with mullions made from steel or aluminium. Instead, structural glazing facades use transparent reinforcing elements – vertical, self-supporting posts made from glass known as "glass swords”, which extend from the floor to the ceiling. They have extremely slim cross-sections and are highly rigid.

  • Suitable for use with vertical facades and polygonal facades
  • Individual design due to large selection of profile geometries for the supporting structure
  • Standardised design for glass loads of up to 6 kN possible
  • Bullet and burglar resistance possible
  • Minimalistic joint design in a variety of styles
  • Glazing from outside with invisible screw connections on the pane edge bond